STS-2 Mission Patch

STS-2 Mission Patch
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STS-2 was a space shuttle mission by NASA using the Space Shuttle Columbia, that launched on 12 November 1981. This was the second space shuttle mission, and was also the second mission for Columbia. It was thus the first time ever that a manned reusable spacecraft left the earth for its second mission and returned to space.

In the early planning stages of the Shuttle Program, STS-2 was the designated Skylab re-boost mission. However, delays with the development and the deteriorating orbit of Skylab made the mission impossible. By the time STS-2 was launched, Skylab had long since de-orbited.

Launch date: November 12, 1981 15:09:59 UTC
Landing: November 14, 1981 21:23:11 UTC