STS-28 Mission Patch

STS-28 Mission Patch
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STS-28 was the fourth shuttle mission dedicated to United States Department of Defense, and first flight of Columbia since mission STS-61-C. The details of the mission are classified. The payload is widely believed to have been the first SDS-2 communications satellite. The mission was launched successfully on 8 August 1989. STS-28 lasted just over 5 days and traveled 2.1 million miles in 81 orbits of the earth. The altitude of the mission is classified, but based on the distance traveled and number of orbits, the altitude would have been between 220 km and 380 km. The shuttle landed at Edwards Air Force Base on runway 17.

Launch date: August 8, 1989 13:37:00 UTC
Landing: August 13, 1989 14:37:08 UTC