STS-32 Mission Patch

STS-32 Mission Patch
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STS-32 is the 33rd launch of the Space Shuttle and the 9th launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. It marked the first time Pad A at Kennedy Space Center's Complex 39 was used for a launch since the 61-C mission on January 12, 1986. It was also the first use of Mobile Launcher Platform No. 3 (MLP-3) in the Space Shuttle program, and one of the longest Shuttle missions at 10 days. Before STS-32, the only mission of the same duration had been STS-9 in 1983, which was the first Spacelab mission and also on Columbia. STS-32 executed the third night landing of the program.

Launch date: January 9, 1990 12:35:00 UTC
Landing: January 20, 1990 8:35:37 UTC